NIKO is a name evoking colors and passion, just like the artist! Born in Montreal into a family with multiple artistic talents, Nicole Mathieu is a recognized artist whose original works are exhibited in galleries worldwide. Originally, NIKO navigated the world of fashion design, allowing her to travel to California, New York, and Europe. Through her journeys, the artist discovered a passion for the arts and painting, enabling her to fulfill her dream of becoming a painter!

NIKO draws energy from meditation and yoga, translating it onto her canvases in the form of raw colors. Her art is continually expressive, complex, and sensual. Creating is a passion for her that brings balance. NIKO enjoys deconstructing precision with her brushes and exploring the multiple possibilities of the abstract and the figurative through her personal vision. This is done with the aim of showcasing the vitality and energy that reside within us.

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Art beyond the extraordinary

A versatile and contemporary artist, NIKO is fueled by a fervent zest for life that permeates her artworks—both colorful and mysterious. Whether in her portraits or abstract pieces, there's a balance of colors and textures. Drawing inspiration from her travels around the world, NIKO has the ability to renew herself while continuing to reveal the androgynous and enigmatic faces that characterize her rich and colorful artistic universe.